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VPS CentOS is a virtual private server that runs the Community enterprise Operating System. It’s a free operating system based on Linux, which is a good choice for developers due to diverse tools and the fact that you don’t have to pay for it. Like many Linux programs, it’s run by the community, which lowers the risks of virus attacks and means you don’t need antivirus for it. 

VPS in CentOS was released in 2004 and is still one of the popular choices for developers.   The many versions of the system are available through different distributions, and any of them can become the best for your dedicated server.

An open-source OS is beneficial for you because it’s regularly updated, so any bug can be reported and fixed in days.

Why Choose VPS CentOS?

VPS CentOS is suitable for you if:

  • You want to control your server completely;
  • You need an operating system that is rapidly developing and frequently updated;
  • Your project fits into an adaptive system;
  • You need versatile controls and features that can improve your website.

Anything based on Linux is great for both testing and finished projects. It’s easy to correct the software and change its features whenever needed. Just make sure that your server is qualitative and that a reliable rental host supports CentOS as one of the used systems for their servers. 

Usually, the system is available for all servers if you request it. If you use shared hosting, it may be more difficult to get CentOS for it, but the issue should be easily solvable by a quick talk to your host.

Whether you’re choosing VPS in CentOS or NVME VPS FreeBSD, make sure the features the system offers fit the requirements of your project. 

Why Does the Operating System on a VPS Matter? What’s Its Impact?

The operating system you’re using on a dedicated server means more than you may think. One of the top priorities for a developer should be the OS their host is using. So, before choosing an NVME VPS in Seattle, for example, find out in advance what system or systems the host offers.

Not many people take this factor into consideration until a problem occurs. To make sure it doesn’t, clear up such details beforehand. This ensures the future of your project. 

Here are some of the things your VPS operating system can impact (including VPS CentOS):

  • The quality of your website performance;
  • Consequently, the amount of traffic to your website and overall attention to the project;
  • The number and diversity of backend controls you get;
  • The number and diversity of applications and additional features you can improve your website with;
  • The overall hosting experience.

All these factors are very important, that’s why it’s useful to approach the choice of the OS on your VPS with caution and critical thinking.

VPS in CentOS offers versatile functionality and steady performance for all websites and other projects you rely on it with. Before using it, get to know the features of VPS CentOS, the version your provider uses, and how it can help you boost performance.

Zealot VPS CentOS Benefits

Modern Storage
Modern Storage
Only SSD and lightning-fast NVMe storage for your projects.
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Traffic
You'll definitely need it. Don’t hold yourself on the way to your success.
No contracts
No contracts
Buy CentOS VPS without signing those pesky agreements.
IPv6 Ready
IPv6 Ready
We don’t know who might be surprised by it, but yeah, we support IPv6.
Low latency
Low latency
Build your product right in the country you need with almost zero latency.
Enterprise Hardware
Enterprise Hardware
Because using desktop platforms is lame and unprofessional. Top-notch platforms from SuperMicro, Dell, and HP.

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